Organ transplantation is one of the greatest advances of modern medicine. For people in end-stage organ failure organ transplantation truly is a matter of life and death. The demand for organ transplantation has rapidly grown in the past decade in all parts of the world due to increased incidence of vital organ failure, however due to the unavailability of adequate organs for transplantation has resulted in a major organ shortage crisis. This is the reason, promoting deceased organ donation has to be given the prominence it deserves. Organ donation is a life-giving and life-enhancing act. One deceased donor could save up to eight lives and transform the lives of up to 50 other people thanks to organ and tissue donation.

One must not forget that organ donation not only changes the life of the recipient, it also changes the lives of their loved ones, families, friends and colleagues. In addition the entire act of donation helps the grieving family knowing their loved one has saved and enhanced the lives of many other human beings.

Our sincere expectations that the concept of organ donation will take center stage in the hearts of the masses of Sri Lanka positively in all spheres.

“Life is a gift, Pass it on….”

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