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National Organ Donor Day on the 17th of Feb 2024 at Sri Jayawardhenapura Hospital

The 18th of Feb marks Organ Donor Day. Dr. Yasuni Manikkge, explains the finer benefits and merits of organ donation to Marianne David.

It was a truly fulfilling morning as we celebrated yet another National Organ Donor Day on the 17th of Feb 2024 at Sri Jayawardhenapura Hospital. The Chief Guests were – Dr. Nihal Jayathilaka, Chairman SJGH and Mr.Rajiv Gunasena, Chairman M.D.Gunasena and Co. We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed, no matter how small, to show their support for this important cause on a busy Saturday morning, taking time out of their hectic work schedules. Honoring our unsung heroes and their families on this Organ Donor Day was truly heartwarming, and it is gratifying to see that the effort we put in is truly worthwhile.
“ if there are No donors; there is No transplant”

Awareness Programme held this morning at St. Peters’ Church, Koralawella, Moratuwa.

FUN RACE TO FUND RAISE With Dilantha Malagamuwa

We received 28 registrations at the venue. Rev. Father Sama Santha de Costa informed that he will educate tomorrows Sunday Church gathering of this concept and distribute Donor applications to those interested. Our QR code will also be shared with them for registrations. The presence of Dr. Niroshan and Dr. Chamila together with Dr. Sajeeni and Dr. Indra was a definite boost to the Programme.

The First Fundraising Event Organised By ODTF
Sing Along with Annesley Malawana and Falan Andrea
Held on 19th November 2022

Jeewa Yatra – Awareness program by the ODTF team hosted by the Leo Club of Law University of Colombo

We are happy and delighted to note that the event concluded successfully giving us the opportunity, not only to fill our kitty, but also spread the concept of Organ Donation in the society.

Our sincere appreciation to each and every person who contributed to make this event a success.  A big round of applause goes to the dynamic organising committee for the hard work, commitment and driving force towards its success.

The Leos Club of the Faculty of Law conducted a successful Awareness Session in August 2022 through Zoom.  There were more than 80 (eighty) participants who joined the Zoom Meeting.

In September 2022, students from the Faculty of Engineering conducted a Zoom meeting for Organ Donation Awareness which also concluded successfully with more than 70 participants.

In September 2022, students from the Faculty of Engineering conducted a Zoom meeting for Organ Donation Awareness which also concluded successfully with more than 70 participants.

Awareness Program at M. D. Gunasena

Articles in Print Media

On the 29th of June 2022, ODTF successfully concluded an Awareness Session at M. D. Gunasena & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., with the participation of more than 200 persons. Organ Donor cards to 18 participants were handed over and an additional of 42 more applications were received totaling to 60 organ donors.  More are expected. We are also extremely thankful to the company for it’s donation Rs.500,000 to ODTF. He was kind enough to efficiently arrange the event at their auditorium, provide transport etc. for this Awareness Session.



Several articles which have been published in local newspapers, journals and magazines

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Awareness Session at Hemas Hospital

Organ Donation Awareness at SJGH

Hemas Hospitals Thalawathugoda, with the support of ODTF observed Organ Donor Day on 18th of March 2022. On the initiation of Dr. Chintana Galahitiyawa, a Privilege Card for kidney patients was launched. Hemas Hospitals secured 50 organ donors in support of ODTF.

An awareness programme for Organ Donation was held at Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital with the participation of the staff. 

A total of approximately 200 Organ Donors was derived amongst the staff of the hospital.

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AGM and Promotional Event

Book launch: Manual of Multi-Organ Procurement & Transplantation

The AGM and ODTF Promotional Event was held on the 13th of February 2022 at Monarch Imperial. It commenced with the Board of Trustees Meeting followed by the Promotional Event. Despite the pandemic,  the out turn was good and the event was concluded successfully and fruitfully.

And the Theme Song of ODTF “Mawathe athara maga nevathi……. was launched at the AGM and Promotional Event

The Manual of Multi-Organ Procurement and Transplantation is Sri Lanka’s first organ transplantation textbook, simplifying technical details for newcomers to the field. 

The first edition of this book was launched with the honourable presence of pioneers in the field of organ transplantation in Sri Lanka at a simple but professional event.

First webinar on Multi-Organ Donation in Sri Lanka

An Awareness Programme by the ODTF team hosted by the the Medical College Rotations.

The first-ever pre-congress webinar on Multi-Organ Donation and Transplantation was organized by ODTF in collaboration with the Sri Lanka School of Surgeons on November 21st, in conjunction with the College of Surgeons Sri Lanka’s golden jubilee celebration.

This event was a huge success, thanks to the contributions of experts in the field from all over the world and the participation of over 100 health care professionals.

The webinar on Deceased Organ Donation and Transplantation, which was organized by the Rotarians of the Medical Faculty at the University of Colombo, was a success, with over 100 participants.

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A Fund Raiser By The Galahitiyawa Trio

Campaign To Register Organ Donors

The following children’s books written by 3 siblings were launched in their respective schools to raise awareness and funds for deceased organ donation.

  1. Uthum Theggak by Yashin Manjuka Bandara Galahitiya
  2. Punchi Yasith Saha Balu Patiya by Mineth Nethmira Bandara Galahitiya
  3. Dilini Ge Upandina Thegga by Venuji Binathmi Galahitiya

The first set of books was purchased by the Principal of D.S. Senanayake College, who also pledged to spread the concept of organ donation throughout the school.

Micro Mega Lanka Pvt Ltd. made the first bulk order of books as a donation to the trust fund.
These books are priced at Rs. 500/= each, with all proceeds going to the Organ Donation & Transplantation Trust Fund.

An organ donation walk was successfully organized in February 2018, where more than 1000 organ donors were registered.

The Organ Donor card was launched in February 2021, together with media publicity by Manusath Derana which derived a response of more than 4000 interested individuals, more than 2000 registrations and requests keep flowing in up to date.

Bank of Ceylon, Uva Region at one of their events introduced the Organ Donation and Transplantation concept to their employees.

Lion Mahesh Pasqual, past Governor organized an event with the past, present and future Governors, and Leaders of Leo’s, to join hands together with ODTF to secure organ donors island wide through their Clubs. The presentation by the Co-founders who participated at the event was attentively observed and successfully responded.

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The First Awareness Session Hosted By The Lions Club

Inauguration of Organ Donation & Transplantation Trust Fund

The first Awareness Session was hosted by the Lions Club and organized by Lion Mahesh Pasqual who is presently the International Director of Lions Clubs, in March 2021.

The Long and much needed charity, Organ Donation & Transplantation Foundation (ODTF) was successfully inaugurated on the 14th of March 2021, at Cinnamon Grand, Colombo 3, with the participation of the Board of Trustees, Executive Council members and special invitees.

The Co-Founders, Dr. Niroshan Seneviratne- Consultant Urologist/Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Chintana Galahitiyawa- Consultant Nephrologist and Dr. Chamila Pilimatalawwe- Consultant Anaesthetist, gave a touching presentation on Organ Donation and Transplantation which was an eye opener to all present.

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